Party Van 4chan app Launched!

Party Van app for Tablets and Phones!

Party Van app for Tablets and Phones!

Party Van 4chan App Icon

Party Van 4chan Icon

We are pleased to announce the first launch of our unofficial 4chan app – Party Van!

Please support us by downloading our app and letting your friends and family know!

The 4chan browser – Party Van edition brings the party to you!

The fastest fully featured 4chan browser optimized for phones and tablets.
*Support for Android Versions 3.2 and lower coming soon

Full Features:
✦ Fast & clean interface
✦ Fast loading images
✦ Smooth fast scrolling
✦ Full screen gallery with slideshow option
✦ Save & share images
✦ Create threads & post replies
✦ Green text & clickable quotes
✦ Plays animated GIFs
✦ Easy multi-quote
✦ Pin your favourite boards and threads
✦ Made with love

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5 responses to “Party Van 4chan app Launched!

  1. Thanks for this app. I’ve used pretty much every android chan browser and Ive got some suggestions how you could improve this one, I don’t know if it’s possible to implement this or whether you like these ideas, I’ll post this here anyway.
    Some image thumbnails take way too much space on the screen, too much scrolling required, all thumbnails should have the same size
    There should be some kind of indicator that shows whether there are replies to the post, like if there’s one reply to the post, post number or the >> icon should should be in green, if 3+ in red etc
    Showing file extension at the end of the filename (you can guess it by looking at the file size but still, it would be more convenient)
    History tab/list that would show threads you have previously visited
    Saving images with one press of a button or a pop-up when you close the picture that asks if you want to save it(also maybe and option to use internal picture/gif viewer of your choice)
    A way to open thread in a browser (like long tap on a thread)
    Quoting text of a post (I couldn’t find this feature, maybe I just missed it)
    Other chan support like 420chan
    You should put up some kind of disclaimer or hide nsfw boards better so google won’t ban this app from store, just highlighting them in other color won’t help

    • Hi guy,

      Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We will consider some of your requests.

      1. Thumbnails – this has been requested a lot and in future updates we’ll give users the options of how they want to view the list.

      2. Replies indicator – this is very difficult to do and we will need to do some experiments and hopefully get an update out with it but probably not soon.

      3. File name & extension – Guess we could do that.

      4. History – we did have it in our very first version however we’re not sure if people are even comfortable having a history enabled.

      5. Open in a browser – probably in future updates.

      6. Quote text – probably in next update.

      7. Other chans – unlikely. Probably we’ll make a new app for that?


      • Love the app!

        I just have a couple relatively small requests..

        1- Could we perhaps get an option to load a particular board by default when the app starts? I would like to not have to worry about the previous content being displayed when the app is started (for probably obvious reasons).

        2-Could we get an option to share images via the URL rather than the file its self? I would love to be able to send the image(URL) other places without needing to download it first.

        3-Could you perhaps put a little more work into the gallery mode? It is really great, but one issue with it I kept running into is that you have to start from the beginning if you go back out of it.. Would it be possible to start the gallery in the position of the image you selected.. It is kind of one or the other at this point (single image, or start the gallery from frame 1)

        This really is about all I could think of at the time.. I’m totally sold on the rest of your app! Please add a premium feature to remove ads!

        Thanks for the work!

        • Hi Dave,

          Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for taking your time to send feedbacks (^_^)-v

          1. We are currently in working on a feature that allows you to open the app without fear!
          2. We’ve considered it but the main concern is that the URL on 4chan don’t last as long. We could potentially upload it to imgur but that would more than double the time it takes to share. What are your thoughts?
          3. thanks for the suggestions, it is now on our list to do.

          As for premium version, we’re probably two versions away for premium version.

          Thank you for using Party Van!

          Stealth Studios

          • I’d like to jump on the suggestion bandwagon as well. Great app btw.

            1. When selecting a thumbnail while viewing a board, maybe the app could open the image, instead of the thread?

            2. I take it from reading the other comments that history is not stored on the user’s device. But maybe an option to clear the cache might be nice.

            3. A start-up prompt requiring a password or PIN code. This is left upto the user to make use of or not.

            4. One finger zooming. What I mean by this is the ability to zoom images through a touch and hold method. Another 4chan app called Yon Viewer does it the best from what I’ve seen. I would link it, but that might be misconstrued as advertising. This feature is hard to do without, once you get used to it.

            5. This one might seem like asking for a bit much, but it has a direct link with user friendliness. Have you experimented with placing advertisements at the top, and the navigation bar at the bottom? Its easier for the thumb ot access it that way, for peopel with bigger phones.

            These are the only things stopping me from rating the app 5/5. I can wait on multiple incremental updates, for these features to be added, and would even consider paying for the app if they are added.

            Thanks again.

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