Frequently Asked Questions

There have been many frequently asked questions.  We’ve compiled some and you can now find them in our new page “FAQ“.

If there is any feedbacks/questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

We try our best to help to everyone.  Thank you for all your time and effort sending us feedback!  Because of you, Party Van is the best 4chan app avaliable on Android!

Here is the FAQ we have so far:

Why are images taking a long time to load?

Sometimes turning off “Pre-load Thumbails” can help with responsiveness and also the “Alternative GIF Viewer” loads progressively, so it might feel faster.

How do I go to the next page?

Pull to refresh = refreshes the front page and gets the next page of post.

F5 = Clears the page and refreshes.

Is there a copy/paste feature?

No not yet, but we’re planning to release it in future updates.

Is there a Catalogue Option?

It is not commonly requested but we’ll look into it for tablets.

Where did Anon ID go?

Recently 4chan has removed IDs.

Why isn’t it displaying Hi-res images?

Your phone has ran out of memory.  It is more common with old phones.  To improve this, you’ll need a phone or rom that is Android 4 (ICS) or higher.

How can I change my save images to another directory?

Currently, we don’t have that feature but will implement it in the future as it is frequently requested.

Can I save all images from a thread?

No.  Not yet anyway.  There’s a lot on our plate at the moment and probably won’t entertain this until much later.


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