Version 1.6.2 uploaded!

It’s finally out!  Worked all day to get a fix up followed by new features and updates!

List of changes:

  • Captcha input type fixed so no auto-corrected guesses that were causing problems for many users.
  • High res thumbnails when available
  • Board discovery view
  • Refined navigation (less quirks)
  • Default dark theme
  • Seperate alignment for threads and boards
  • Fixed width option for image scaling
  • Exit confirmation dialog
  • Fixed a 2 crashes in post submission


Thank you for those who helped give us feedbacks!


Mobile Screenshots

1boarddiscoveryview 2browseinfullres 3choosealignments 4simplenavigation 5easymultireply 6themes 7fyi 8sendfeedback






Tablet Screenshots

1boarddiscoveryview7inch 2fullresalignments7inch 3navfyi7inch 4multireply7inch 5themes7inch 6landport7inch 7feednback7inch


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