Party Van has been Suspended from Google Play

We have been suspended from Google Play. You will no longer find us on Google Play.

Please keep it backed up…

Thank you.

 Download the latest version 1.7.8 here (via mediafire)


16 responses to “Party Van has been Suspended from Google Play

    • Hi James, No it won’t be coming back because if we do, Google will punish us for violating content policies (NSFW stuff basically)..

      So for now, best way to keep updated would be our blog 😦

  1. I told you this would happen but you didn’t listen ;_;
    You could’ve simply made an option to add nsfw boards manually

  2. Hi this is just a suggestion. Maybe you could make it so that only certain SFW boards are allowed by default and as for other boards, user will have to manually type in the URL to add it into the app. I know some app on playstore managed to get around the rules by having that option. Also you can rebrand, change the UI a little bit then have it uploaded to playstore again 🙂

  3. Is it possible to make it so it tells us when we have an update on the app? Nothing obnoxious but just a msg when you open it or something would be good so we know.

    Also does this mean a pro version might be coming now?

  4. Guys, fix it. PLEASE. Today i can’t see
    anything with the app. Every sub topic is black.
    Come 4chan app btw!!

    • Do what Chain does. Comes preloaded with SFW boards but with a touch of a button you can add all the remaining NSFW boards.

  5. Fucking google pussies. Im so glad I found this page. All other 4chan apps are horrible. Good job guys and thanx for still updating.

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