1.7.10 Update – Everything was broken and now it’s fixed!

We apologies for the delays and many many unanswered email. But here is the update!! woohooooooo

Download version 1.7.10 here (via Media Fire)


36 responses to “1.7.10 Update – Everything was broken and now it’s fixed!

  1. “There was a problem parsing the package” appears whenever I try to open the .apk file.
    Is the .apk file corrupt? Or is the issue on my end.

  2. Those who say captcha doesn’t work,
    It actually does work. See, it shows an error but it posts what you wanted to post anyway. So if you type the captcha correctly and you ignore the error, you go back to the thread you will see your post.
    Hope it helped.

  3. Bug report and cautionary tale here. I was browsing using this newest version, and I tapped to play a .webm before the little loading dial was finished, and my phone froze. It keeps showing the same screen of the app, and doesn’t respond to any touch or pressing or holding buttons. Not 100% sure if Party Van caused it but it seems likely; my phone isn’t rooted, and it’s the only non-playstore app I have. I’ll post an update when I figure out if this is recoverable.

    So, this is a warning. I recommend everyone be very careful. Aside from this incident, I really appreciate the devs’ continued support, I love Party Van.

  4. Glad to have Party Van back, working well.

    @Patrick there seems to be some issues with WebM playback, similar thing happened to me few times, however not only in the Party Van app – MX player did similar thing when wanted to play some WebM files.

  5. No flags on /int/, some threads will infinitely refresh, captcha keeps keeps telling me it’s wrong, but it could be right so I have to enter it twice just to be sure

  6. “There was a problem parsing the package” on a Moto G 4.4.2

    Please fix! I can’t bare to use a different inferior app

  7. Not a big fan of the changes regarding webm.
    I thought it was really great to have them play and loop automatically like gifs (and like webms do on the desktop 4chan website).

  8. Mediafire captcha doesn’t work on chrome for android. Completely broken and can’t download. Please fix.

    • Finally got past the broken captcha… And now it says there was an error parsing the package. I appreciate you keepingup on the app, but could you use something more reliable than mediafire?

  9. If you’re getting the parsing error on your phone download the package with your phone’s default browser, not chrome.

    Or use Chrome ultron.

  10. Anyone else having problems refreshing/loading threads? Half the time it never loads the full thread, or get any new updates, it just spins forever. Killing the app and loading again fixes this issue though. Happens on my phone and tablet, home wifi and 3g.

  11. None of the threads load. Just downloaded the latest update because I’m tired of Chanu, Mimi, Chain and the other inferior apps out there but none of the threads load in any board.

  12. Needs an update man, what can I say: slow, crashes on gifs, captcha errors, thumbnail premature loading, etc.

    it sucks to say that I’m going to have to stick to Chanu until this app gets fixed or updated at least.

  13. People, we need to add 8chan (and maybe 2chan/7chan/420chan) because of 4chan censorship! You can have a new project now!

  14. This app no longer works properly. Threads load but images stay pixelated. Changing the thumbnail settings does nothing. Still the same issue. Was working fine before 4chan/b/ updated their site. Or it was the lollipop update. Any updates coming out soon? Thanks.

    • Same here, and I really want an update soon. This is driving me insane as I really love this app over all the other chan apps..

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