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To keep up-to-date with Party Van updates. You can subscribe to our blog here via feedburner here.

We’ve had a lot of great support after we were kicked out of the market. Because of your support, we are commited to continuing support for Party Van 🙂

Our #1 aim is to be the fastest 4chan browser for Android.



1.7.8 Improved webm stability (still experimental) & alternative webm option available in Settings.

We’ve just released a 1.7.8 update with improved webm stability which is still experimental and also an alternative webm option available in Settings.

It may not work for everyone so please shoot us an email if there’s anything wrong.

Thank you for your co-operation and using Party Van 🙂


1.7.7 update – improved webm

We’ve just released and webm support that works like a gif (it loops) however it isn’t perfect yet. Please read below!


Webm really pushes the devices limit. It is not unusual to experience high GPU, power and memory usage. This will cause crashes and over heating.

If you are using a protective case, best to remove it.

We will be continuing to improve it making it leaner and faster.

Hopefully it works well enough for people for now 🙂

Let us know if there’s a problem!