Where can I download or get updates for Party Van Android App?

Right here at our blog! All our updates and download versions are listed here! Thank you!

Why are there permissions?

We use advertising and this means the we need a few more permissions than absolutely necessary.  We do respect our customers and their devices, so we never use unscrupulous advertising vendors or engage in crappy stuff like notification ads.  Please read our Privacy Policy for more detail.

Will there be an Ad-Free version?

Unfortunately there will not be an ad-free version. For more details why please read our personal message: “We’d like to stay Anonymous“.

How do I enable All Boards (nsfw)?

Please go to Settings and uncheck “Safe Mode”.  It does suck very much but every 4chan app does this to comply with Google’s policies.  If we don’t do that, 4chan apps will not exist on the Play Store.

Why is webm and GIF support crappy?

Webm is cool but it uses high GPU, power and memory usage. This will cause crashes and over heating. If you are using a protective case best to remove. As for GIFs, man that stuff is tricky! All we can say for now is we’ll try our best!

Why are images taking a long time to load?

Under “Settings” you can try the following to help for a faster experience:

1) Turning off “Pre-load Thumbnails” can help with responsiveness

2) Choosing the “Alternative GIF Viewer” loads progressively, so it might feel faster.

3) Choosing a lower file size limit for “Load Full Res Thumbnails”

How do I go to the next page or refresh?

Pull to refresh = refreshes the front page and gets the next page of post. The pull the refresh will eventually end after 10-15 times as you run out of pages but the action will continue to refresh.

F5 = Clears the page and refreshes.

Is there a Catalogue Option?

It is on the to do list 🙂

Why isn’t it displaying Hi-res images (blurry images)?

There are two factors that causes blurry/low-res images:

1) A lack of memory:  Android has set a limited amount of memory allowed for individual apps. If you’re running Android 2.3, an app is only allowed max 32mb.  Viewing one high-resolution image can take as much as 22mb (E.g 3000 x 3000 pixel image). Running Android 4.0 or higher doesn’t have a fixed memory limit. We do our best to support phones that do not support Android 4.0 but this android limitation is not something we can by-pass.

2) Images larger than 2048 x 2048 pixel: Everything drawn on Android is drawn using OpenGL ES 2.0.  OpenGL ES has a maximum texture size limit of 2048 x 2048 pixel. What this means is that any image that is bigger (either dimensions) than that will lose some texture details but you can download the image onto your device, and you will be able to see everything. Some devices may be capable load more than the 2048 x 2048 pixel but Android hasn’t provided us to know what the limitations might be.

How can I change my save images to another directory?

Currently, we don’t have that feature but will implement it in the future as it is frequently requested.

Can I save all images from a thread?

No.  Not yet anyway.  There’s a lot on our plate at the moment and probably won’t entertain this until much later.

Why does Party Van keep crashing after I’ve selected an image?

The reason its crashing is because the app is either running out of memory loading the image or for some reason security is preventing the app from accessing the gallery image. Otherwise, it could be your settings.  In Settings > Developer Options > Apps > Do Not Keep Activities.  This setting will kill of the app’s activity when go to the gallery.

Captcha keeps saying I’m wrong but I know it’s not, why?

1) You need to type in both words (everything you see in that captcha box) for it to work.  We can not fix this as this provided by Google.

2) The captcha is expired and you’ll need to tap to refresh it. Sorry for any inconvenience this order has caused. The flow of the posting is something we will improve on by putting the captcha as the last stop to avoid expiration and having to enter it more than twice.

Otherwise, please send us an email what error message you’re receiving (or a screenshot).

Why is it blank and I can’t see anything?

It is not unusual for 4chan to be down.  To check whether 4chan is down please see at http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/4chan.org.html. Otherwise, if you’ve just installed it, sometimes it is an installation error and will require reinstallation.

Why is it using so much RAM?

Party Van’s priority is to be fast. We use as much RAM allowed to enhance system performance and bandwidth.

Are you the FBI?

No. -_-”

Your question not here?  Send us an email.

When sending us a feedback, please tell us what the problem is in detail and what you suggest to help improve the app.  This will help keep communication effective and efficient.  Thank you.


13 responses to “FAQ

  1. Getting refresh issues. Getting old content from before google took down your shit and after a couple refreshes gets normal shit.

    But always goes back to old shit for some reason

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