One more thing….

No! We are not the FBI!!!  Just very regular people with regular lives 🙂


Webm Support (Initial Solution)

My inbox is full and I have a ton of people to answer to so if you’ve emailed me about webm support sorry if I don’t reply but hope you are happy we’ve literately just updated to 1.7.6 webm initial support!

It is called initial for now as it was a quick solution and may need to be refined in future.

You will need a later version of Android for this to work.

We’ve always tried our very best to support older devices so we’d appreciate if you could be more considerate with your reviews if you have an older device. Technology is always moving forward and it is getting harder and harder to support it. We hope you understand 😛

For other unrelated to webm unanswered emails, I’ll get there!

Thanks for letting us know!



We’d like to stay Anonymous

Dear Party Van Users,

In the past month it seemed like we didn’t have any ads. This is because AdMob actually banned us by violating their policies which also happened to Chanu. However, AdMob sometimes displays ads infrequently on our app.

Our priority is to provide users with a high performance 4chan app – fast, lightweight and easy to use.

We include ads just like many developers do to pay ourselves back for the hardwork we do on our free time. We love making apps and always will. We do not earn much money from Party Van but by using our app with ads (like many others) is a way of supporting us and this app.

Making a 4chan app is already risky business. Many 4chan app has come and gone on every platform. We know developers who’ve lost their entire account due to this and that is why we’d like to stay Anonymous.

What does this mean?

After a lot of thinking about in-app purchases and the recent news of Google’s plan of depreciating standalone AdMob SDK for Android.. we have finally decided inorder to keep our Anonymity we cannot provide a pro version (ad free) of Party Van. It has been very hard for us but this is final.

We understand if users don’t appreciated this and we’re sorry to see you go but we’d like to thank you for using Party Van and hoped you enjoyed it.

There are many good 4chan apps out there such as Chanu and Mimi and we respect all developers working hard to provide such great apps.

For those of you who continue to use Party Van, we thank you for using Party Van and your continued support as we continue to provide this app free for all.


Stealth Studios

New board /biz/ help

There’s a new board called /biz/ on 4chan.  Currently our app refreshes for new boards every 7 days but if you can’t wait, you can take the following steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” for your Android Device
  2. Go to “Apps” (or anything to manage your apps)
  3. Find Party Van
  4. Press “Clear data” <– warning: this will clear your starred & pinned items

Go back to Party Van “All Boards” and you should be able to see /biz/.