Party Van App Privacy Policy

Basically we don’t do anything with your data. We don’t phone home, or touch data that would personally identify you.

We do use advertising and this means the we need a few more permissions than absolutely necessary. We do respect our customers and their devices, so we never use unscrupulous advertising vendors or engage in crappy stuff like notification ads.

In future, we might release a Pro version (please read our Personal Statement here) that confines the apps permissions to just the above and perhaps what is required of Crittercism, the one below.



These two are required for the app to work.

System tools

We use a very common library for tracking down app crashes called “Crittercism”. It basically gives us a trace of Party Van when something goes wrong. No information on other apps are collected or transmitted.

Coarse Location

This is able to identify the device location to a rough city area. This is used purely to identify geographically relevant ads, ie. ads for services in your country.

Phone Calls

This is used to construct a unique device ID for ad networks. It does not identify yourself nor access your call logs or phone numbers etc.


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