1.7.10 Fixed blank pages DOWNLOAD APK HERE (VIA MEDIA FIRE)

1.7.9 Tap to play webm and update link in menu DOWNLOAD APK HERE (VIA MEDIA FIRE)

1.7.8 Improved webm stability and alternative webm viewer option in settings (experimental) – 13th April 2014 DOWNLOAD APK HERE (VIA MEDIA FIRE)

1.7.7 Improved Webm! (experimental) – 8th April 2014

1.7.6 Webm Initial Support (requires later version of Android) – 7th April 2014
1.7.5 Added FAQ
1.7.4 Improved gif compatibility and playback
1.7.3 Fixed crashes & added 404 indicator
1.7.2 Reduced APK size by 30% and fixed various crashes.
1.7.1 Fixed “Safe Mode” in Settings

  • User feedback update
  • Copy comment to clipboard
  • New setting for start up board
  • Smaller thumbnail scaling options
  • Open thread in browser
  • Share thread

1.6.5 Fixed captcha verification in settings.

  • High res thumbnails when available
  • Board discovery view
  • Seperate alignment for threads and boards
  • Fixed width option for image scaling

25 responses to “Updates

  1. After the app was removed from Google Play, it no-longer works.

    I downloaded the latest update thinking it would fix the problem, still no function.

    I uninstalled the app, re-installed it, and it would open and I could see boards but no posts.

    After that, I tried installing the update again, still nothing. I tried clearing cache, data, force stopping and nothing seems to be working.

    Instead I’ll have to give that Mimi browser a chance.


    • I tried the same things you did. I also downloaded a version one down but that just gave me blank boards also.

      Would love to hear back from you guys and see when this app will return to its glory.

  2. Loved this app. Not sure why you got banned from Google play, but it’s sad the app no longer works. Hope you get it back again.

  3. 4chan.org/(board letter)/0 aka page 0 was removed, its a 404 now. please let us either pick the page number or change it to 1. kthxbye.

  4. Yeah when I try to post it will always tell me the captcha is wrong even if it isn’t, if it isn’t wrong it’ll still post but tell me it’s wrong. It’s always a gamble to see if I’ve posted or not. Pls fix.

  5. The app seems to have an issue with locking up and acts like it’s loading but never does I’ve tried on wifi and with full 4 g service yet the problem continues.

  6. Im having the same problem. It sucks because all the other 4chan app’s are utter shit.
    Please make an update with fix soon!
    Or is the app completely dead?

  7. Doesn’t preload images anymore, and doesn’t load the full image even if i go directly to it and view it. So basically it’s not loading ANY pictures except maybe one or two random pics

  8. Only thumbnails are loading for me most of the time. Usually getting “error null” message when trying to load any size image or webm. Please fix, awesome app.

  9. Please update the app.
    Images don’t load anymore, and eventually threads stop updating.
    Its real shitty now.
    Please deliver Party Van OP, unless you are that much of a faggot, and dropped the app after gg anons left.

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